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Natural Accents Gallery of Taos - Biography of Mixed Media Artist Ed Myers

Creating everything from scratch using a digital pressure-sensitive tablet called a Wacom Cintiq, he conceptualizes in both 2 and 3 dimensions, then assembles complex structures that blend in and out of reality. If it compliments the story, he will sometimes embed animation into the art, bringing it to life. His originals can sometimes be 10 feet wide and take months to complete. His subjects range from telecommunication, to aviation, to social changes we have experienced in past, present or the future…all related to man rapidly merging with technology. As a result, Ed’s stories combined with his assemblies, take on a surreal sculptural feel, many relating to him as a “modern day Dali”.

Mr. Myers has received numerous awards for his work exhibited in some America’s top fine art shows, including winning best of show at the prestigious “2016 La Quinta Arts Festival” in California, consistently ranked as the number top show in the nation. His work can be found in private collections, public collections, galleries and festivals as he travels the nation.

Natural Accents Gallery of Taos featuring the works of Mixed Media Artist Ed Myers
The Natural Accents Gallery featuring Artist Ed Myers - Biography

The art of American artist Ed Myers represents change. He is known for his storytelling about the pros and cons of rapid technological changes within humanity. Using a process unlike any traditional medium, he explores the boundaries of his mediums of choice; mixed media, digital media and new media, all of which when combined…he views as a limitless platform.