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Stephen Feher was born in Brazil and lived there until the age of 12 years when his parents moved to the United States where he attended high school in Dallas, Texas.

Upon graduation Stephen served in the Air Force, approximately four years.  When he completed his tour of service in the Air Force Stephen attended the University of Texas at Arlington and after graduation moved to Taos, New Mexico.

Stephen began to study sculpture in the early 1970’s. Stephen states, “The human form always fascinated me, seeing in the varieties of shapes, this is the beauty that has attracted artists for millennia.”   When Stephen retired from the practice of Psychology in 2010 he decided to dedicate much of his time to the development of his sculpting works.


32 X 18

Natural Accents Gallery of Taos, Featuring Sculptor Stephen Feher - Biography

We are so pleased to display Mr. Stephen Feher's Fine Metal Works Sculptures here in the Natural Accents Gallery of Taos.  If you have questions regarding these works please don’t hesitate to contact Sigrid Long by phone at: 575-758-7099.

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Stephen adds, “I decided I would see if I could approximate the human anatomy via metal sculpting.  I would first make a form that I could work in, from the back or the “negative” space working within to form the completed outer image.

Later I started working with steel in my creation of human forms and obtained steel slugs from a steel company that stamped holes in sheet steel.  These were placed inside the forms and then welded from the reverse side so that when the finished piece was taken out of the concrete form, the welds were invisible.  Although these sculptures were quite heavy, I like the medium.”

Today Stephen, being an avid bicyclist, uses bike chains to fashion some of his captivating human body sculptors.  These sculptures and the impressions they reveal are subjective and are projected onto the sculpture by the viewer.  The words most often used by viewers to describe these figures for the first time are, “unique, original, creative, and imaginative."

In addition to Stephen’s “Bike Chain” sculptors’ he also recently has begun pouring molten copper with other alloys from life casts, creating  semi-abstract representations of the human anatomy as seen here.



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The Natural Accents Gallery of Taos, Featuring the Sculptor Works of Dr. Stephen Feher