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Tricia Saroya, through her exceptional talent paints

"Windows to the Spirit Animals"

From the beginning I have made my living in one creative endeavor or another.  I received my degree in Art History and have done everything from interior and landscape design, to event and wedding design to owning a Native American jewelry and art store.  I am also a regular contributor to Faerie Magazine creating fun and fantastical photo shoots.  I am never happier than when I am painting, drawing or creating three-dimensional art.  

I have also always had a deep love for animals and a passionate love of color so it was natural to combine these in my paintings.   I felt called to paint very personal and up close portraits of animals, capturing their personalities.  Each art piece holds a bit of Soul for me, the canvases feel infused with the energy of these beings.  I paint the eyes first and find that they have a presence and communicate with me as I paint the rest of them.

These paintings feel very precious to me, speaking in the language of the dream time and the soul.  My greatest wish is that you find the one meant for you and through them deepen your own connection to Nature and the beauty and magic of Spirit.


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